Lennert Bontinck

Better known as “Le Nerd

I'm that nerd that meets all your IT needs and more.


From a basic yet gorgeous one page website to a complex database driven webshop. My creative look on things combined with a good webdesign and development knowledge delivers satisfying results.


From a simple mobile calender app to an advanced accounting program named “PorygonIT”. I see every request as an opportunity to enlarge my multilanguage programming knowledge.

Network administrator

From webhosting to small sized business networks and Windows/Linux servers. Thanks to my experience gained from working for Net-Com and following Cisco courses I’m ready to take a challenge.


From building my very own fully custom “pc in desk” to micro soldering ECU sockets. There is no IT-related challenge I’m not willing to give a chance. So, feel free to challenge me.

About me

A passionate nerd with an eye for detail and interest in a variety of topics.

Lennert Bontinck
Also called Le Nerd

What started with an interest in the fast evolving world of IT quickly grew to a passion and is now making its way to becoming my profession. If you think about my name knowing who I am right now, it feels like it was destined to be.

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106 GTI
A father son project

For as long as I can remember I've been telling my dad I would buy a Peugeot 106 sooner or later. Being a Peugeot mechanic and having owned a 106 himself he was one of the few people who understood what I found so special about that car. It was at age 18 I bought my very own 106 GTI and till this day, me and my dad are restoring and modifying it, slowly turning it in my dream car.

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My work place
Custom Desk

I always wanted a cool setup since I pass most of my time here. My fully custom desk with a watercooled rig displayed on the left side and nice collection of retro consoles on the right side is more than I could've wished for.

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A digital presentation of who I am
professionally and personally.


All the information you need
in two pages.

Frequently asked questions

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Question:How old are you?

Ans:I am currently years old. I was born on the twenty-third of December, 1998.

Question:What do you do for a living?

Ans:I'm still a student but I'm always looking for IT projects I can help with to expand my knowledge and often work at NetCom.

Question:How long have you been in the IT sector?

Ans:I've had a passion for IT my whole life. I really started working on computers since age 12. (removing viruses and more)

Question:Why do you call yourself “nerd”?

Ans:People used to bully me for being a nerd and computer geek. But seeing what I've reached so far being a “nerd”, I See it as a compliment.

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